My gripes with Windows 8: Why it is likely going to suck!

Trying Windows 8 for a few minutes made me realize a few things:

  1. Since when did creating an account on a computer become like signing up for a sleazy online forum!? Why am I being asked to verify that I am a human!? Are robots interested in buying a computer and installing Windows on it? If a robot does buy a computer and wanna install Windows on it, does this offend it and will it be construed as discrimination???? o_O
  2. At first I was skeptical about the whole Metro thingy. But now I must admit, it is not so bad. Using the Metro apps is a fresh take on how apps and the UI should look on Windows and in fact any OS.

There is just 1 problem… which leads to #3:

  1.  Windows 8 is a jarring juxtaposition of Windows 7’s usual layout and the new Metro look. It is outrageous! So I am doing some stuff on Metro and suddenly I am taken to the usual desktop. Which begs the question: Why the Metro stuff in the first place? What, may I ask, was sooo wrong with the Start Menu that they had to do this!? I know it is meant for the Tablets, but I believe Windows should be clever enough to realize that the hardware I am running it on is not a tablet and hence should resort to the more mouse friendly Start Menu.

It is not the lack of Start Menu that is upsetting, rather it is the jarring nature of intermingling the two distinct and totally opposite UI’s together. I mean there is nothing common between the two!

  1. Right clicking in the classic desktop gives a context menu. Right clicking on the Metro UI pops up a smart phone-esque menu bar of sorts.
  2. There is no apparent way to close a Metro UI app. I looked all over and found no button to close it. On a tablet it may be okay, since you will probably have a hardware back button as in Android. But on the Desktop? Sheesh!
  3. Given that this is a brand new UI, I expected MS to litter the OS with tips, popping up whenever the OS feels that you are stuck. Say you are randomly moving the mouse or clicking on the keyboard or tapping at the touchscreen? Windows should prompt a helpful reminder saying, are you stuck? Then proceed to teach you basic tasks like opening and closing apps, creating a new file, browsing the web, etc.
  4.  I am trying to imagine my parents using this UI. I think they will freak out.

This is one of those rare occasions when using Linux is probably going to be a lot easier for our parents than using Windows 8!!! o_O :O

Given that Windows relies on its existent customer base to upgrade to Windows 8, Microsoft really should have taken a baby step in this direction than a Marathon leap!!! Granted doing so may have delayed their attempt to jumping into the tablet arena, but they could have made the feature set of the “Tablet version” of Windows 8 different from the “Desktop version”. They could have easily waited till Windows 9 for streamlining the two OSes.

In the meantime, MS should have capitalized on the tablets to teach and acclimatize its users to the Metro UI. They could have added a touch of Metro UI on Windows 8 Desktop Edition and slowly weaned its users to it. Granted we mostly complain that MS never really took a bold step and always made its OSes mediocre, without having anything special. Well, for the first time MS did something radical to its OS and I must say, there is no other OS on the market quite as radical as Windows 8 currently. But, may be we were wrong! Familiarity helps and the alien nature of the Metro UI may scare more people away than MS had hoped.

Whatever it is, I am a 100% sure that Windows 8 is a half-baked product. It is out too early, ahead of its time. The UI is no where close to seamless. No one can use Windows 8 and say with a straight face that the UI is great!

Don’t get me wrong. Both Metro UI and the “legacy UI” as MS is putting it, are great on their own accord. It is the jarring juxtaposition of this two totally opposite GUIs that makes Windows 8 almost bipolar! I am not gonna lie here, I am sure we are going to here more than a few “multiple personality” references for Windows 8!

MS should have streamlined the UI. They should have made it a bit more seamless. But right now, it simply feels like they stuck the Desktop OS onto a Mobile OS. And that is NOT a great recipe.

May be Windows 9  will be great! Which makes me think. (update 7/1/16: Well it is called Windows 10, and it’s not bad!)

Win 3.1: Okay-Good
Win 95: Crap
Win 98: Good
Win 2000: Sucked (hard)
Win XP: Good
Win Vista: Crap
Win 7: Good
Win 8: Crap? (Update: Yeah, I guess we can say that now)
Win 10: Not bad! The pattern continues!

Seeing a pattern? Read more regarding this pattern here:

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