Walmart: The evil Giant and the high cost of low prices!

Oh my god (psst: get ready for another rant!)

I cannot believe the thick-headedness of god damn Wal-Mart. (Oh, I’ve seen a new documentary again… sigh). I guess it is an open secret that they pay their employees, miniscule salaries, mistreat and abuse them. What amazes me is how they don’t care about anything at all.

They have a highly unaffordable health benefit plan and encourage employees to take welfare, food stamps and Medicaid!

Racism and other discriminations are rampant. A black guy may be called a n#gg@r (there is an interview with one who has been called that) and even if he complains no action is taken, in fact the opposite happened. They bugged the hell outta him until he couldn’t bear it anymore and he quit his job! :O

They are given huge sums of money as subsidies by the government to set up shop in a community. Obviously, local businesses aren’t given that privilege. To add insult to injury, most of the local businesses go bust in a year after Wal-Mart enters.

As a token of appreciation (yeah, this is sarcasm) they plunder the community that graciously subsidized them and give hardly anything back. In one case, 3 schools were closed soon after Wal-Mart entered because of lack of funding. Oh, Wal-Mart took the money. In another town, the local government struck a deal with Wal-Mart to get 100% sales tax revenues from Wal-Mart after a period of time. Those cheeky bastards left the town, when the time expired, but not by much! The Wal-Mart store moved 2.2 miles, just so that they get out of the city limits and hence they no longer need to honor the deal they made earlier! Jackasses.

In one case, they were storing pesticides in the parking lot, close to a rain water drain, which leads to a nearby river that feeds the local water supply. If it rains, the harmful, potentially lethal pesticides get into the system and, well, you know the rest. What was disturbing is, no matter how hard local “waterkeepers” tried, Wal-Mart didn’t give a f#ck, even when they tried legal recourse. With much effort, they were able to deal with the situation.

And what pisses me off is that Wal-Mart has official commercials claiming all sorts of things about Wal-Mart and its practices, like:

> Wal-Mart keeps environment as one of its top priorities (they don’t even have a department that looks into those issues)

> Wal-Mart cares for its employees and that they have great financial, educational etc. opportunities (if you show this commercial to Wal-Mart employees they will laugh their asses off and club you with a Medieval spiked club!)

> They give $5 every second to the community (pure bullshit, and a commercial actually claimed that!)

It sickens me to no end! F#cking disgusting! Ugh! What a bunch of mofos!

I will never, ever buy from Wal-Mart, ever again!

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