I was the Teaching Assistant for several courses at the University of Maryland, College Park, in the ECE department. These courses are:

  • ENEE 350, Computer Organization; Fall 2011
    • Instructor: Prof. Charles Silio
  • ENEE 380, Electromagnetic Theory; Spring 2012
    • Instructor: Prof. Edo Waks
  • ENEE 428, Communication Design Laboratory; Fall 2015 and Spring 2016
    • Instructor: Prof. Steven Tretter
  • ENEE 620, Random Processes in Communications and Control (Graduate level course); Spring 2016
    • Instructor: Prof. Anthony Ephremides

My responsibilities varied depending on the course and instructor, including conducting office hours, an hour long discussion section each week, preparing quizzes for the students, grading the homeworks, exams, substituting the instructor for some lectures and conducting the exams. I aimed to be a useful and valuable resource for the students in these courses and many of these students came back to me, later on, to thank me for helping them out in these courses! I have been fortunate to get this opportunity to teach to students, and I cherish the skills and experience this has provided me.