The Financial Times – What a Crysis!

What a wonderful story, isn’t it? Our world economy is in the hands of Clowns who hardly know what they are doing. That is a brilliant idea! The more clowns, the more happy we will be….

Well, here is the thing. Wall Street said one thing, but did something else for the last 10 years or so. They gambled the money of investors “blindly” without thinking or weighing the odds. They screwed up badly with trillions of dollars and started to admit fault when things where catastrophically critical…

Nevertheless, the US government tried to massage and gloss over the crisis. In fact, I too believed the media and thought that the crisis is over. It is so NOT over… … Continue reading >The Financial Times – What a Crysis!

Multitasking mediocrity

The term multitasking is coined with respect to Computers. Originally, when there was only 1 core in the CPU, a computer performed multiple tasks by focusing on one task at a time in a round-robin fashion and switching tasks very quickly. It was able to do this transparently since the CPU runs at several MHz, and nowadays at several GHz.

To a certain degree, there is a similarity between the brain and a CPU. However, there are significant differences. Firstly, we can only concentrate on a few (perhaps a maximum of 3) tasks at a time. This has to do with the fact that we have a limited working memory and we need to keep the goals of the various tasks in mind while we juggle them around. Secondly, we take a significantly longer time to jump from one task to another than a computer, and this process of jumping also comes with its own set of problems. … Continue reading >Multitasking mediocrity